Monday, May 6, 2013


US 7/ Harbor Road/ Falls Road “Scoping” Study

This blog has been created to provide a way for residents and others to offer comments relating to the US 7/ Harbor  Road/ Falls Road “Scoping” Study.  

Scoping studies follow a defined process that includes public involvement, evaluation of alternatives, and selection of a preferred alternative.  

In late 2012, the Town approached the Chittenden Country Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) seeking assistance with the task of identifying improvements that would address traffic congestion at the intersection of US 7-Falls Road-Harbor Road.   

CCRPC responded to the Town’s request by assigning a consulting firm (Stantec) to conduct a Scoping study.  

Stantec is currently investigating alternative solutions to the traffic problems found at the intersection.

Active Alternatives

Alternative improvements currently under active consideration by the consultants have been summarized as follows:  [NOTE: This information has been updated as of September 24, 2013]

•    Strategy 1 –
Intersection Upgrades Only 
•    Strategy 2 –
One-Way Falls Road with Intersection Upgrades
•    Strategy 3 – Right Turns Only from Falls Road with Intersection Upgrades
•    Strategy 4Intersection upgrades without US 7 southbound right turn lane   

The following posts provide links /maps illustrating the various strategies. If you have comments about the strategies or any specific improvement within the strategy, please post it below the appropriate post.